Swamp Romp – Louisiana Roots Music for Families

With songs about a Cajun girl who saves her grandfather from an alligator, the ox-carts that brought produce grown by Isleño farmers to the New Orleans French Market, and the joys of a New Orleans Po’ Boy sandwich, Johnette and Scott’s Swamp Romp program is a rollicking ride through the swamps, prairies and tree-lined city avenues of Louisiana. The sounds of Cajun music, zydeco, traditional jazz, Isleño culture, swamp pop and New Orleans rhythm and blues are offered in each show, which can be tailored both to Performing Arts Centers and smaller venues, with interactive elements tailored to suit each venue. Simple words in French and Spanish are introduced, with translations. And don’t be surprised to see parents dancing along with their children!

Sueños de los Isleños

This unique program explores the heritage, songs and dances of Louisiana’s Isleños, who immigrated to the state from the Canary Islands in the late 1700s. In full traditional Canary Islands costume, Johnette and Scott perform songs that tell the story of the hardships and triumphs of this hardy group of settlers. Among the highlights are several songs played on the timple, the traditional 5-stringed Canarian instrument that is widely accepted as an ancestor of the ukulele.